Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management

Restaurant management services

Are you looking for an easy setup to utilize the software for restaurant management? If you are, Netilligence is here to present you useful information about the best restaurant management software for business.

In fact, being a restaurants management service provider, we believe that a capable restaurant management system must provide the best features such as menu management, billing system, taxation, accounting operations, inventory management, kitchen control, dashboard and alerts, feedback management, customers loyalty, and offers, time and attendance, and the reservation management.

In our software, we have built all the features to use for tracking sales and the taxes paid by the clients in the restaurant management system.


Menu Management

We offered our customers such software that will really assist to manage their menu set up so that anyone can employ easily with the quite simple interface, through this, the employer can easily track the dishes, which are offered at the specific time.


Command Management

Occasionally, it becomes very difficult to manage the order by the customer so in order to manage this tough situation we built the software that is the user-friendly command management system for the restaurant through which you can track the orders from the clients in a well-organized manner.


Billing Process

In this modern period, the use of cards such as credit cards, a debit card is now increasing and the people avoid the cash for the payment so because of this, we have added this feature of the credit card processing integration system in our restaurant management software.


Customer Offer and the Loyalty

The offer and the loyalty cards are also used to show gratitude to the clients who have a good reputation for the restaurant. With our provided software, you can be able to utilize all these pleasure cards at that particular time.


Staff Management

It is very important to keep all the records of the staff members so we made this software employee-friendly so that it will be easy for you to keep all the details of the workers. Through all this data you can analyze the performance of the member at the time of requirement.


Feedback Management

In the present time, the modern people before the reservation in the restaurant always take a look at the other customer’s reviews through which they judge the standard and the level of the restaurant. Through our feedback management system, you can also take the feedback of your provided services so that this software can assist you to develop your business.

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