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Are you looking for ICT service provider? If yes, then our programs at Netilligence are very much helpful in fulfilling all your expectations related to the ICT. We are aware of all your expectations. Therefore, our services are available at a demanding price. While you have our services, you are assured of the quality of service and attention to your needs, as our services are always the best choice for you.

What does our ICT services include?

Structured cabling: We are a budget-friendly and very quick formal cabling services provider. We are experienced in installing, maintaining, and planning the services of structured cabling. Whether it is the installation of copper wires or fibre optic cable, we are aware of how to perform all the things and how to meet our customers' expectations.

Our structured cabling services include the installation of fibre optic cable and copper wires. Performing the process of wiring racks and doing cabling, checking the whole cabling, and doing other cabling-related things, including Telephone PBX Services. We offer demanding PBX services, which include Private branch exchange services. Whether you are running any company and you want to have telephone PBX services, then our services will be very much beneficial for you. With our telephone PBX services, we will help you make your communication along with any other channel far better and easier.

With our PBX services, you can easily place calls to any other user without any cost, and our PBX services will be utterly money-saving for you. Our mission is to reduce all the communication barriers among the companies and the clients, and it is the major benefit of having our services. Netilligence provides Installation and maintenance of CCTV surveillance: We have the best team, whose expertise in installing and maintaining CCTV cameras runs supreme. We assure our clients that configure their CCTV cameras to run correctly and make sure that there will be no problems in the future.

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