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Safe, Trustworthy and Cost-Effective Microsoft cloud security Services

The services developed by Microsoft cloud security are very healthy and prevailing cloud computation services. We at Netilligence have developed cloud computing services that can easily manage your business. You can also easily handle the troublesome technology of hardware and software processes in your company.

Using the Microsoft cloud security services, you can access data storage and management services by the safe and secure Microsoft-owned and managed data hub. If you choose our Microsoft services, we provide you complete ease of doing business as it supports several coding and programming languages and structures. Microsoft services also provide you software both Microsoft owned and the third party owned software as well.

We at Netilligence offer you secure, reliable and affordable cloud-based services. You can opt from three choices while using Microsoft cloud security Services. These are; Software as a service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). You can select the right mix to your business as per your budget. We allow you to choose the services as per our requirement to avoid wastage of money.


Detail of Services We Provide

Data Storage Services:

Using the smart and secure Microsoft data centers, our expert developers at Netilligence will help you to safely secure your data as per your requirement in a structured as well as unstructured manner. It will fulfill your needs for data storage over the cloud.

Mobile App Services:

Our development expertise at Netilligence combines with Microsoft's efficient App developers to help you to provide a mobile-based application. This mobile-based application service reaches out to a large number of mobile phone users in the whole world.

Essential Computer Services:

We at Netilligence helps you to choose from virtual machines, both Windows and Linux operating systems, that are available in the Microsoft product mix. It helps you to develops your business.

Building & Maintaining Website Services

In Today's world, it is a critical part of any business to build and host websites; Microsoft Services allows developers to use ASP.NET, JavaScript PHP, to build and host websites. We develop the websites as per your guidelines.

Building & Maintaining Website Services

We have developers, who are experts in database management services and SQL-based services at Netilligence. Using Netilligence services, you can trust us and allow us to manage the data services for your business. Using Netilligence services, you can trust us for all Microsoft cloud-based services.

Therefore, if you are interested in opting for any of our above Microsoft-based services in doing well in your business, then we at netilligence are always ready to meet your requirements with the best of our expertise.

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