A2NSoft ERP Software Solution

Managing all the functions of the enterprise with ease

Netilligence Business Systems provides the best IT products that enable all businesses & industries to carry their functions more easily. It offers a completely customized and integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application product-a2NSoft.

The a2NSoft application is an effective ERP software solution that caters to the needs of the sales, accounting, Inventory, and projects. It is designed and developed to provide quality services to the customers.

The main features of a2NSoft application are Customer Relationship Management, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, and Human Relationship Management. The a2NSoft ERP software solution is particularly designed to fulfill the needs of the manufacturing and distribution sectors. This software includes CRM, Financials, Accounting, Sales, Project Management, and related functions. It is an all-inclusive ERP software solution that is perfect for single and multi-business corporations. Our a2NSoft business application facilitates long-term business planning.

The best possible business processes can be achieved by availing our a2NSoft ERP software solutions as they act as an essential business management system. This software helps you to acquire shop floor data of material management such as inventory detail, material issuance detail, tracking of goods from order to delivery, pending orders, and also the detail of Human Resource Management (HRM).

Main Features of a2NSoft ERP Software Solution

If a company does not work with advanced software like a2NSoft application, it lacks an integrated system, and its departments have to depend on various systems. These various systems will incur many expenses and also waste the time of employees in reconciling various activities. Thus, a company needs to have a reliable ERP software Solution.

The a2NSoft application helps in customer relationship and human relationship management. This tool will help the enterprise track all customer exchanges such as orders, returns, deliveries, service requests, etc. This application is beneficial for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) marketing companies. The enterprise can therefore manage its functions in a timely manner. Additionally, it also improves productivity.

The ease of customization of A2NSoft applications makes it a completely reliable product for your enterprise. It offers to add new users when required from different locations and through different devices. You can access data with this software from any location and get updated data quickly.


All this from the convenience of your phone. Download the a2nsoft mobile app.