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All about adapting ODOO Erp Customization and How it can enlarge your business

ODOO customization services and custom module development are offered by Netilligence Business System to ensure that you can use the ERP software your company needs for your organization’s workflow. ODOO’s customer relationship management software is a single-stop solution for all business needs and guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction. ODOO ERP customization are cost-effective and feature advanced features to improve workflow and business requirements.

The biggest advantage of the ODOO ERP software customization package is that it ensures that you understand the basic functions of ODOO so that you can optimize its functions for your business processes. A major benefit of customizing the ODOO ERP software is that you can learn all of the software’s essential functions and integrate all of ODOO’s functions into your business process requirements. Your ODOO implementation partner collects your business requirements, configures your system to meet these requirements, and adapts it to your needs.

An ODOO ERP implementation partner will take care of your business needs, configure your system to meet them, and tailor it to your needs. In addition to customized CRM workflows, customized development includes the development of new custom modules to optimize the functionality of your business processes, customization of ODOO reports, and customized ODOO fields.

With ODOO ERP Customization you can rely on a long-term implementation of enterprise software for your company. ODOO Customization is a customized module development that helps you use ERP software to meet the business needs and workflows of your organization. It relates to the development of tailor-made workflows and experiences for ODOO ERP business processes and needs.

Customizing the ODOO ERP system eliminates unnecessary features that confuse customers and allows you to customize the source code to your business needs and functions. We offer the best ODOO Point-of-Sale application to ensure multiple customer management, meet specific needs and improve business functionality. ODOO delivers tailored reports optimized for all business areas, including sales, inventory management, warehouse and customer service, to improve workflow efficiency and enhance the user experience.

Adapting the ODOO ERP system to your current business needs gives you the ability to improve and refine your business processes as new challenges arise in 2021. With the ODOO Invoice Customization software, you can modify and create custom invoice templates that will fit your business needs. The system rejects unwanted functions that complicate the customer and adapts the source code to the needs and characteristics of your company.

ODOO modules and customizations are needed most of the time by companies as they have unique business requirements and challenges. When using ODOO, companies can customize ODOO to their specific needs and pay for the features they use. An ODOO configuration includes the settings of the ERP software to meet the needs of the customer.

It is well known that ODOO Customization has many advantages that contribute to simplifying and streamlining business organization and operations. ODOO modules are flexible and can be adapted to the requirements of the company. Customized development of ODOO modules is secure and reduces the cost of customizing your workflow and ODOO business processes on demand.

One of the main advantages of using an open-source ERP solution is that you can adapt your solution to your business and establish a process model. As a result, an ODOO consultant will create a gap analysis and suggest making a few adjustments to map the business flow to the system. Best in class ODOO Customization Service is an O2B technology to enlarge your business.

ODOO offers many standard features that can be customized in the studio. ODOO ERP modules include invoicing, accounting, manufacturing, purchasing, inventory management, project management, finance and accounting, CRM, POS, e-commerce, CMS and more than 100 others, supporting various business processes in the company. The customization of the ODOO module allows ODOO integration of different departments, automation, processes and data management to a single platform.

 ODOO is an open source ERP and open-source application with high customization capabilities for ERP, CRM, e-commerce, CMS, POS, ODOO accounting & more. The customization is done via the existing ODOO apps in the App Store.

ODOO is an open-source ERP framework for leading companies with real growth potential to simplify operational challenges and streamline business processes. Netilligence Business System is a renowned ODOO customization partner who knows how to move stones and present you with the perfect ODOO solution.

Individual adjustments can help your company or company achieve what you need. The first is that your project manager should test the functional fit of the customization to ensure that the logic is correct and meets your needs. The second truth is that when it’s time to adapt a business, you should go ahead and become a software architect.

ERP implementation alone is not enough to meet all business requirements of your customers. ODOO implementation streamlines the organization of key business functions such as accounting, finance, human resources, procurement, payroll and more.

Our ODOO Customization Process:

  • Gather Requirements
    • Our team will contact you at a meeting to collect your business requirements.
  • Analysis
    • We will analyze your requirements and understand how they can be implemented with ODOO features.
  • Estimation
    • Estimation of work and cost to customize and implement ODOO systems.
  • Client Approval
    • Based on our Analysis and estimations, we will get approval from the client and go ahead and implement ODOO systems.
  • System Testing
    • To confirm the reliability, we will do various testing practices
  • Delivery
    • Upon completion of our testing phase, the completed modules will be shared with you for feedback and testing at your side.

ODOO Services that Netilligence Business System offer:

Our dedicated customer service will reach you to provide all the necessary information.


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